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As an experienced trustee, we bring a multidisciplinary team ready to advise, support, and assist you at all points during the life of a trust, from pre-inception planning to settlement.


Discover and define your aspirations. We can help you discover what’s important to you, identify and clarify your objectives, and explore potential solutions to help make them possible. Our family office style approach brings affiliated and inhouse experts ready to help build your trust with you.


Your aspirations may include wealth transfer, income support, succession planning, special needs, and more. We have experience working with revocable and irrevocable trusts, as well as family, charitable, and educational trusts, private foundations, and endowments.


Actively managing your vision. We execute tactical tasks and make strategic decisions on the trust’s behalf from inception to settlement including paying bills, managing communications, and distributing income, as well as overseeing asset custody, investment management, and real estate administration.


Ongoing commitment to transparency. Our ongoing communication with you, your family, and our affiliated tax and investment partners, helps ensure continuity and transparency at every stage of a trust’s lifecycle.


Ready when your family needs us most. When the time comes, we gather, inventory, and safeguard all the trust’s assets and prepare for distributions. We sit with your family and manage the complexities of tax filings and expenses, settle outstanding debts, real estate sales, and execute all the requirements detailed in your trust.

We meet a full range of duties and responsibilities

Trust administration for:

  • Family Trusts
  • Trust/Estate Settlement
  • Generation Skipping Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Education Trusts
  • Private Foundations & Endowments

Services & Responsibilities:

  • Custody of the Trust Assets may reside with Fidelity, an independent custodian.
  • Investment management services may be performed by our affiliate, Lido Advisors, LLC.
  • Real Estate Administration
  • Beneficiary Distributions
  • Multi-Generational Financial & Investor Education
  • Succession Planning
  • BillPay
  • Timely Account & Tax Reporting
  • Meaningful Beneficiary Communication
  • Estate & Income Tax Analysis & Recommendations
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Wealth Planning

Estate Settlement:

  • Beneficiary notification
  • Gather, inventory, value and safeguard all estate assets
  • Identify, process and distribute all personal property
  • Manage estate assets during settlement period
  • Pay expenses of estate administration
  • Pay outstanding debt to creditors and tax
  • Preparation and sale of real estate
  • Funding bequests/pecuniary gifts
  • Transparent accounting & documentation
  • Tax filings for Income (Form 1041), Estate (Form 706) and Gift (Form 709)
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