A 4-year NCAA Scholarship Athlete in football, Marc describes himself as a recovering athlete.

Joined Enterprise: 1995

Homebase: Los Gatos, California

Professional Focus:
Delivering high quality, comprehensive fiduciary expertise and trust services with a commitment to client, their families, and the community.

BA, History/Political Science, Santa Clara University

Previous Work Highlights:
Prior to founding Enterprise Trust & Investment Company in 1995, Marc was President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Capital Management Corporation, and Pacific Trust Company, a fiduciary management company with executive responsibility of over $1.3 billion in total assets under investment and fiduciary management.

Personal Facts:
Attended Bellarmine College Prep, the oldest secondary school in California. He is a co-founder of the Bishop’s Circle of Excellence, which supports the less fortunate within the Diocese of San Jose, and has served with numerous foundations and organizations.

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